Babo - Korean Learner's Dictionary

Babo is your new favorite feature-rich offline Korean dictionary – perfect for students, tourists and casual learners.

■ Offline Dictionary
– 50k+ entries
– Each with many different meanings
– Each meaning with multiple example sentences!
– Find related words
– Full grammar conjugation tables for every verb or adjective
– Search for English meanings and/or Korean words using ABC

■ Innovative Sentence Translator
– Analyzes whole sentences
– Splits them word-by-word
– For each word tells you exactly what grammar is used

■ Voice & Visual Search
– Searches whole sentence by voice input
– Searches Korean characters by how they look, without you needing to know the script

■ Stroke order diagrams
– Animates how the Korean characters are written

■ Vocabulary Quiz
– Multiple vocabulary trainer games (incl. addons)
– Test in multiple directions: Hangul to English, Hanja to Hangul, Pronunciation to Hangul, or any other combination
– Quiz yourself on conjugations (“past tense of 사랑해?”)

■ In-App Addon Browser
– Many more functionalities, games and lots of content for you to discover
– The base functions of the app will always be free and without ads!

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Retro Video Editor

Retro Video Editor is an app that allows the use of multiple filters and effects to realize a realistic old-school retro effect, for any type of photo or video.

Retro Video Editor offers many different tools to enhance the quality of low-resolution images and to make efficient use of the few available colors. Just as old graphic designers had to!

So you won’t get bored, this app includes more than 50 different presets! Including home computers, video game consoles and handheld gaming systems.

Choose from a great selection of old-school fonts and create awesome images and videos made up solely of letters and symbols.

Easily cut your video into smaller parts – give each one a different style – and use transitions to let the video slowly move from one effect to the next!


  1. 1000s of possible combinations.
  2. Text-style graphics capability.
  3. Simulating various old graphics chip limitations.
  4. Reading and Exporting all common file formats.
  5. 65 palettes.
  6. Add your own palettes, fonts and presets

And more..

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PhotoBomb Arkanoid

The classic cult game Arkanoid is about to experience a revival with “PhotoBomb Arkanoid“!

In Stebtechs newest and funnest PHOTO BOMB ARKANOID, you are about to photobomb yourself through a totally new world of bricks breaking and demolition, filled with your own selfies and other snapshots.

Photo Bomb Arkanoid will be a blast for everyone. (pun intended!)
A free bombastic experience – no matter if you are fan of the “vintage” brick breaker classic Arkanoid, which we all loved in the 80s and 90s – or if you have never played Arkanoid before.

About Photo Bomb Arkanoid:
You will enjoy lovely cartoon-style designs never used on any Arkanoid version before – totally for free. Destroy bricks by using your bat to toss the bomb around. But be careful! The bomb is getting quicker – so watch out!

Upload your photos, or directly snap a selfie, and include them all in your game.
You will see: it is fun to have your best memories – or the funniest, strangest selfie – photos in front of you, about to be destoyed – and “photobomb” your way through!

Not in the mood to use a photo? Play one of our many colorful PhotoBomb Arkanoid levels that are already included.

You will love all the new free features and power ups, such as:

– Fireballs: the bomb becomes a ball of fire destroying all bricks around it
– Giganto-Balls: the bomb becomes gigantic, leaving a trail of destruction
– Multi-Ball: your bomb multiplies – but so does the difficulty of juggling them all
– Shooter: Suddenly your bat mounts two cannons! Take destroying bricks into your own hands – great fun! But be careful – don’t forget about the bomb!!
… and much more! Find out now!

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Learn Languages with the Bible

Use the beautiful words of the Bible to increase Your understanding of a foreign language – with “Learn XYZ With the Bible!”

In the brand-new learning applications LEARN XYZ WITH THE BIBLE, you will be able to use or increase your knowledge of the Holy Scripture and, at the same time, study a foreign language!

Learn XYZ With the Bible is the best learning tool for those who are serious about their studies!
A great deal – no matter if you are fan of the Holy Book and like to combine reading it with studying a foreign language, or if you are going out on a mission and need a handy reminder and comparison of the Bible in both languages.

About the Learn With the Bible Series:

With this app series you will be able to use the Bible in a way you never have thought possible before. In parallel text you will be able to compare Bible verses, see in full sentences how the different languages build their sentences differently and how each word and sentence is pronounced.
You will enjoy a lovely and simple design – a totally bug-free experience for your small everyday review of the foreign language. Language learning has never been so convenient and spiritual at the same time. I sincerely hope to help you with your efforts to learn Chinese Mandarin!

You will love all these great features that come with THIS version of the app:

– Search: Look up any words or phrases in the whole Bible.
– Instant Translation: Let the app try to translate any word using the full Bible text.
– Read out Loud: Have the app read single words or whole verses in both languages.
– Google Translate: Quickly let Google translate any words you are still unsure about.
– Favorites: Mark your favourite Bible verses to quickly find them again.
– Hide the Text: Hide one or the other language and try to translate by yourself!
… and much more! Find out now!

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City Quiz

In the brand-new learning app series CITY QUIZ, you will be able to use or increase your geographical knowledge of the countries of the world!

City Quiz is the addictive learning tool for those who are serious about learning their cities!

About the City Quiz Series:

The City Quiz series is about making geography fun. Try to beat your highscore by trying again and again to exactly locate cities and towns on a map of the country. Use borders, rivers and relative locations to guide your decision.

You will love all these great features that come with THIS app:

– Switch between English and native mode where all city names are displayed in the native script (if available)
– Share your progress on Facebook
– Three different Modes: Easy, Intermediate, Hard
– Over 200 cities, towns and villages included
… and more! Find out now!

The City Quiz apps don’t cost much and really help you improve your geographic knowledge of the world. Check also any other country, continent or US State you like to get more familiar with. Enjoy!

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Music Quiz

Get guessing in the newest quiz app series MUSIC QUIZ! Prove your musical knowledge of your favorite bands!

Music Quiz is your #1 addictive quiz game.

About the Music Quiz Series:

The Music Quiz series is about getting to know your favorite band’s music. Try to beat your highscore, unlock new levels and enjoy the music!

You will love all these great features that come with THIS app:

  • Get to know and be quizzed on 100s of your favorite band’s songs.
  • Easily find other apps offered in this series from within this app.
  • Transfer coins you earned between all versions of this app.
    … and more! Find out now!


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