GuitarPro to MIDI converter

GuitarPro to MIDI converter

In this project I created a tool for converting GuitarPro-files (.gpx, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5, .gp) into the Midi file format.



There was at the time of programming no other tool capable of this feature. The natural Midi export functionality lacks behind strongly and only rudimentarily converts the sound and feel of the GuitarPro sound to Midi.


Also, this is the first open-source tool (and tool in general except GuitarPro and Yousician) that can read the GuitarPro 6 and 7 file format.


The following is a list of features:


  • Reading GuitarPro 3 – 5 Files (based on the open python pyGuitarPro project)
  • Reading GuitarPro 6 Files (using a simple bitwise compression and an xml structure with dictionary and ids)
  • Reading GuitarPro 7 Files (packed like a normal zip-file and using a very large xml structure)
  • Transferring all files into a common native format that saves all (and only) the information that are interesting for midi files. I.e. a lot of information like fingering or guitar amp preferences are ignored.
  • Splitting to a secondary channel for certain effects
  • Exporting to Midi, trying to simulate the sound as best as possible. Simulating: (fat, if not supported by GuitarPro itself!)
    • Different types of harmonics
    • Strum patterns
    • Bending – as far as the midi standard allows
    • Trembar – “
    • Volume knob effects
    • Vibratos
    • Muted notes
    • and every standard Midi-like note effect and property..
Alexander Stebner
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