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Retro Video Editor

The quality of the exported video is very low:

Videos not exported in raw AVI format (pixel-precise export) can lose much of their pixel details – especially with very low resolutions.

  • Try exporting in raw AVI format
  • consider doubling both the target resolution and pixel size. This will draw at least a 4 pixels (square) for each pixel and make the details thus more likely to be left untouched by the video encoders.

The export takes too long:

The video export makes heavy use of all CPU cores of your computer and can slow down, if your computer is running other software at the same time. If you want to speed up the exporting process try some of the following:

  • Run only the Retro Video Editor. Avoid running other memory and/or CPU intensive applications simultaneously. You might also want to restart your computer first.
  • Check for effect settings that are not entirely neccessary for your video project. Especially ‘local contrast’ and large target resolutions have a huge effect on the exporting speed. (Setting the ‘local contrast’ to 50% will turn off the effect!)

There was an error during export / My exported video has an error:

All supported import and export video formats have been tested thoroughly to work with a wide variety of settings. It is however still possible that some videos show unexpected errors.

  • Feel free to send a message to support@stebtech.com. Make sure to include the video format / codec information of the imported video, the desired export format and the situation when the error usually happens.
  • Try increasing the size of the exported video. Many other video editors or players show errors when the resolution is too small.
  • Try to export into a different file format.