FAQ – SmartBits

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Getting Started:

Your StudyBits app is fully operational once you open it for the first time. Be sure to also set up the Study Assistant. It will help scheduling your ideal study plan and tell you when to study. The underlying algorithm will always choose the best time to review based on how sure you are when answering.

If you prefer to study on your own terms, you can always turn of the Scheduler in the Preferences menu.


Once set up, your Study Assistant will remind you daily about any Cards that are due for review. You may directly click on “Study Now” to study all due Cards or – if that is done – to add 5 new Cards to your stack.

But don’t worry! Any new Cards you can’t finish today, will not carry over to the next day. Any old Cards that are due today, will still be available tomorrow (and even be score higher, since you will have remembered them for a longer time!)

During testing you may indicate how sure you feel about a Card by touching the coloured button. Red means unsure, green very sure. Any Card rated lower than 50% (yellow) will be scheduled for review on the same day.


My SmartBits Collection Menu:

This menu will show you all SmartBits apps that are installed on your device. You may switch freely between apps from here.

Click on “Discover More” to get a list of other apps in the SmartBits series that you might like.


In this menu you may get an overview of all the Cards that are available in this app. You can filter by category and by whether you already have once seen it or not. The default is on “known”, so that you don’t accidentally see Cards you haven’t studied yet.

Click on any card to see a more detailed view of the Card, available additional information and some statistics.

In the Detail View you can add your own Mnemonics to a Card – they will be available to you during testing.


In Cram Mode the app will select 20 random Cards from the full Card list (filtered only by category) and let you practice them. In order to not interfere with your regular schedule (in case you still want to obtain the 100% retention rate), all Cards tested in this mode will be delayed from their original scheduled date.

If a card was due in 2 days and you already waited for 8 days, it will be scheduled 10 (2+8) days from now.


There are 3 Study Games available, each with their own requirements. If you select “Use only Cards that I know”, some games might not be available yet until you have studied enough Cards.


The statistics view present you an easy to understand metric of how you are currently doing. Your study progress is calculated on the basis of how many times you have reviewed each Card already. It should reach 100% approximately at the time when every Card is scheduled at one year from today.

The two-dimensional EXPECTED CARD RETENTION view gives you an overview of how much of the Cards you may remember for how long.


In this menu you may change the categories you would like to study. Disabled categories may always be switched on again.

With ‘Allow Notifications’ you may decide whether you like the app to send you regular study reminders.

With ‘Pause Schedule’ you can take a pause from studying (until you turn it on again). Scheduled study dates will move ahead until you decide to continue your studies.


I am always happy to hear from users of my software. So if you have any questions, recommendations or good ideas on how to improve my product, use that menu and send me a quick message!

I automatically added some internal data to the email in order to help you better if you run into some problems. The data contains values such as selected categories, current progress and various status flags.