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Babo - Korean Learner's Dictionary

Getting Started:

Your Babo app is fully operational once you open it for the first time. If you had used the same Play Store account to previously purchase any addons / content, they will be downloaded and synchronized as soon as you are connected to the internet.


Paste any words or sentences you wish to understand into the search field at the bottom of the screen. Translation starts automatically. For best results, the Korean text should contain appropriate spacing and (of course) be spelled correctly. You may also search using latin characters (ABC). If the word or words you enter match any entry, this entry will be displayed otherwise the app will attempt to read it as Korean text. If you want to enter transliterated Korean text using latin characters, follow these general rules:

  • Transliteration follow the Revised Romanization rules
  • ㄱ = g, ㄲ = gg, ㅋ = k etc.
  • ㅜ = u, ㅓ = eo, ㅡ = eu etc.
  • consonants are always interpreted as belonging to the current syllable, but you force the syllable-split by using a dot (.), dash (-) or underline (_) character.
    • Example: hana = 한아 and ha.na = 하나

At the top of the screen you can find other ways of inputting Korean characters. Built-in additional functions are:

  • Voice Input – Only accesible if Google Play Services and an internet connection is available
  • Piece-by-piece Input – Let’s you visually describe a character, if you haven’t mastered the Korean keyboard layout, or if you haven’t installed one.
  • …Further input types may be added in future.

Details View – clicking on a search result:

The details view gives you all available information for a certain dictionary entry. This includes among others:

  • Meaning variations
  • Example sentences with translation – long click the Korean example sentences to search them!
  • Etymology
  • Transliteration variants
  • Other words that can be found within the entry or that contain the entry
  • Conjugation tables for verbs and adjectives
  • How to write the single characters of each word
  • Further example sentences containing the word


Find here, sorted by date, all entries that you have clicked on in the past.


In this menu you can find paid plugins, content, dictionaries, vocabulary lists etc. that will enhance your experience using this app.

This menu is only available to you, if Play Store Services and In-App Purchases are available on your Android device. In order to purchase an addon, you need to have an active Internet connection.

If anything goes wrong during the purchase (e.g. your internet connection being interrupted), the app will attempt to download your content at a later time. If anything goes wrong on our side, your purchase will be automatically refunded (this may take some time, but is an automated process by the Google Play Store).

Any purchases you make on your device will be restored and downloaded automatically whenever you install the app on another Android device with the same account.


This is the central location for all cards that you either added from the Search menu or that you have purchased in the form of an addon.

If you long-press on the right side next to a vocabulary card, you can select the item and copy, move or delete it.

If you long-press and select a folder (in the same way) you can additionally add a new folder inside, or split the folder into randomly generated sub-folders.

You can also select the empty area outside any folders to create a new top-level folder.

Any vocabulary cards that you have purchased through an addon, cannot be deleted or moved (but copied!).


Here you can select a vocabulary study game, cards you’d wish to study and the direction and parts of the card you wish to study.

There are more vocabulary games to be found for sale in the addons menu.

When you select the direction of study, some cards may be filtered out. E.g. if you choose to study “Hanja to English”, only cards that contain hanja characters will be selected.

Grammar Tags and Root Word are only available / make sense for vocabulary cards that contain grammar information (e.g. conjugated verbs).


In this menu you may configure the app itself or any addon that includes settings.


If you wish to support the work on this app, you may support me by donating an amount of money towards a feature that you’d like to see improved. Once I have used the money I will let you know personally (if you choose to submit your email address) what has changed.


In this menu you may configure the app itself or any addon that includes settings.