About Retro Video Editor

Retro Video Editor is an app that allows the use of multiple filters and effects to realize a realistic old-school retro effect, for any type of photo or video.

Each Pixel Matters

Retro Video Editor offers many different tools to enhance the quality of low-resolution images and to make efficient use of the few available colors. Just as old graphic designers had to!

50+ Presets

So you won’t get bored, this app includes more than 50 different presets! Including home computers, video game consoles and handheld gaming systems.


Choose from a great selection of old-school fonts and create awesome images and videos made up solely of letters and symbols.

Editing Tools

Easily cut your video into smaller parts – give each one a different style – and use transitions to let the video slowly move from one effect to the next!



All Features:


  1. 1000s of possible combinations.
  2. Text-style graphics capability.
  3. Simulating various old graphics chip limitations.
  4. Reading and Exporting all common file formats.
  5. 65 palettes.
  6. Add your own palettes, fonts and presets!
  7. And more..

More Examples:

Original Image


  • Demo
    • $ 0.00
      • Export up to 10 seconds of film
      • Full picture support
      • Choose from 20 awesome presets
      • Reduced functionality
      • Best for trying out the software!

    • Download
  • Basic License
    • $ 4.90
      • The full functionality of the software
      • For private and non-commercial use only
      • Great for creating stunning videos and pictures and sharing them with your friends and followers

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Best choice
  • Personal License
    • $ 19.90
      • The full functionality of the software
      • The possibility to add your own presets, fonts and colors
      • Technical support
      • For private use or non-professional publishing (e.g. YouTube)
      • Ideal for private persons and non-profit projects

    • Buy now
  • Pro License
    • $ 99.90
      • 24 / 7  customer service
      • Technical support and individual bug fixes
      • If you plan to earn money with this product
      • Ideal for professional graphic designers and other businesses
      • Unlimited downloads

    • Buy now